Festac Town Lagos Living | Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac

About Festac Town

Festac Town is a residential area located in Amuwo-Odofin local government area of Lagos State, Nigeria. The area takes its name from the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture held there from 15 to 22 January 1977.

Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac
Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac

Festac was created to house participants of the festival who arrived from all over the world.

The Nigerian government acquired 1,027 hectares (2,540 acres) of land for this purpose and the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) was responsible for developing it. During the planning stage, Festac was described as “the most ambitious project ever taken by any African country”.

Festac Town is divided into seven sections:

First Gate,

Second Gate,

Third Gate,

Fourth Gate,

Fifth Gate,

Sixth Gate,

Seventh Gate and

Amuwo Odofin.

Festac town is bounded on the north by Mile 2 Estate; on the east by the Lagos Lagoon; on the south by Satellite Town; and on the west by Oworonsoki.

The layout and design of Festac Town are reminiscent of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s planned city of Brasilia.[4] However, unlike Brasilia which has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Festac Town

Fun Things to do in Festac Town Lagos [Watch Video]

The best things to do in Festac Town include:

  1. Visit The Festac Mall

Festac Town Mall is one of the most popular malls in Lagos. It is a huge shopping centre with several outlets that sell everything from clothes and shoes to electronics, food, health and beauty products and more. The mall is located on Amuwo Odofin Street.

Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac
Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac

The mall is very elaborate and includes popular brand like shoprite, chiken republic and other amazing brands. you can eat, shop, play games. and take a walk round to window shop.

  1. Take A Drive Round Affluent And Picturesque Neighborhood

Festac town has been described as “a haven for young entrepreneurs” because of the many people involved in small businesses.

Popular businesses include buying and selling cars and motorcycles, selling recharge cards and other services that can be delivered via mobile phones.

There are salons and beauty parlours, computer shops, shoe mending stores, cyber cafes, eateries and restaurants (popularly called buka)

Furniture shops, pharmacies (known locally as patent medicine stores), clothing stores, general stores or supermarkets (called provision stores), printing press shops.

  1. Visit The National Theatre.

The national theatre is located along the Badagry express way and can be seen when you drive into Festac Town. The national theatre was built to serve as a platform for cultural exchange between Nigeria and other African countries.

Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac
Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac

The building is designed like an Ife head, the major attraction of the building is the dome which is covered with terracotta tile. This huge building can accommodate up to 5000 people at once.

  1. Shop At The Trade Fair Complex.

You can visit the trade fair international market along the mile 2 – badagry express way.

This is one of the largest markets in Lagos. In this market you can shop for goods from all over Nigeria, even get a glimpse of what other African countries have to offer, it also has a food court that serves local cuisines from all over Nigeria and Africa at large, it has a night club where you can dance till daybreak (for those who love night clubs).

The lagos trade fair complex also has an amusement park for children so if you’re visiting with family this will be fun for your kids.

  1. Attend Street Carnivals In Festac

Festac town hosts some great carnivals that attract thousands of visitors from all over the country.

During these carnivals, people come together to celebrate their culture and diversity with fun and entertainment. These carnivals are a great opportunity for you to interact with locals and learn about their culture and customs.

The Festac carnival is one of those carnivals that attract many people every year during its celebration.

  1. Visit The Festac Cultural Center

Festac cultural centre is one of the tourist attractions in Festac town Lagos state Nigeria. The centre was established on June 30, 1977 during the inauguration of the 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) which was hosted by Nigeria in 1977.

The centre is located at 1st avenue road in Festac town Lagos state. It has a very big compound with different sections; Primary Cultural Section, Secondary Cultural Section, Ovation Hall, Film Studio Complex and the stage.

Festac cultural centre is a place for cultural exchange between various cultures in Africa and beyond. The centre has been an avenue for many artistes to interact with foreign arts groups from different countries of the world like France, Brazil, Cuba, England and many more.

  1. The Golden Tulip Hotel Festac

One place that is worth visiting in festac is the golden tulip hotel, it is one of the most beautiful hotels in festac and it houses a lot of fun activities for everyone.

Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac
Best Place to Live, buy land, house and Have Fun in Festac

The golden tulip hotel is located at plot 16 road B close festac lagos. A lot of people who have been to this hotel have had great things to say about it. The beautiful architecture, the design and interior of the hotel is one thing that has attracted many people to this hotel.

It also has an amazing garden with a lot of tropical plants as well as coconut trees. This garden house a lot of beautiful flowers as well as other plants which makes it look very much like a forest.

One interesting thing about this hotel is that there are several other businesses within the same building with the hotel. There is a popular restaurant known as mama cass located in this building as well as several other businesses.

This makes it easy for visitors to have access to food and different kinds of services when they visit this place.

  1. The Mega Chicken Festac Town

The Mega Chicken Festac is the most popular eatery in Festac town. They serve Nigerian foods such as Eba, Amala, pounded yam, jollof rice and lots more. They also serve fast foods such as pizza, hot dogs, burgers etc. The Mega Chicken Festac is located on road 4, 22 Road junction, Festac Town, Lagos State and they are open from 12 noon till late in the night.

  1. Visit The Rhapsody Lounge

This lounge is located on 1st Avenue by 23 Road Junction in Festac Town. Rhapsody Lounge is one of the top joints for night crawlers in Lagos. This lounge has a full bar and serves Nigerian dishes like Ofada Rice and Goat Meat Pepper Soup. Rhapsody Lounge opens by 7pm every night and closes by 11pm on weeknights but

The Best place to buy land and House in Festac Lagos

There are many places to buy a land or house in festac Lagos. Some of the places are very close to the expressway which makes it easy for you to get to the office from your house.

The Best estates to buy land and House in festac Lagos

  1. Agbelekale Street, Festac Town:

This is where I live and I can tell you that it is one of the best places to build a house in festac Lagos. It’s close enough to the expressway and there is a huge market (Shoprite) nearby. If you move up a little bit further, you will come across more markets like the first gate market and others.

Land here Go for between 18m – 50m

Houses here go for between 45m – 180m

  1. First Gate Market:

First gate is one of the biggest markets in Festac Lagos but it has no residential areas around it. So if you want to build a house in this area then you need to go very deep before getting a place where people build houses. The place is very close to the expressway as well so if you are planning on building an estate then this would be a good place for it.

Land here Go for between 15m – 50m

Houses here go for between 35m – 150m

  1. Eko Akete Phase 1:

Eko Akete Phase 1 is an amazing estate built in the heart of festac Lagos. It’s the best place to buy land and house because of the following reasons;

The estate is located right beside the new FESTAC police station.

The estate has 24 hrs electricity. You don’t need to worry about power supply except you want to run your generator.

The estate is a gated community with armed security men on ground 24/7.

The estate has good road network and excellent drainage system.

The estate has street light which makes it easier for you to move around at night without it affecting your eyesight. The street light also makes the area more secure than most estates around Lagos state.

You can use your property for residential or commercial purposes without any restriction from the developer of the estate.

If you want to live in a community where you can still breath fresh air, this is definitely one of those area you should consider living in as a first choice .

Houses here go for between 45m – 180m

Land Here Sell for between 5m – 35m

  1. Golden City Estate: 1.

Golden City Estate is a very beautiful estate in Festac its well built and amazing. It is close to the express way and other major roads, the estate has a good road network and it is one of the most sought after estates in Festac Town. The estate has both commercial and residential buildings the price of the lands are between N2.5m – N3m.

There are also houses available for sale within this estate with prices ranging from N23m – N30m depending on the location and size of the house.

The GRA in Festac Town is another place where you can buy lands and houses in Festac Town. The GRA is well developed with good road network, electricity, water supply, drainage system and security.

There are also schools, hospitals and churches within this location.

The cost of lands here ranges from N1.6m – N1.8m it depends on the location because there are people who prefer to stay at the back row of this location there are also those who prefer to be at the front row of this location it all depends on your budget.

There are also houses available for rent within this area with prices ranging from 1million naira per annum depending on the type of house and size of

  1. Royal Garden Estate

The best place to buy land and house in Festac Lagos is Royal Garden Estate, it is a good investment for you. As the estate is located at strategic place in Festac, having access to the express, gridlocked free road that leads to the estate.

The estate is also gated with 24/7 security, neatly tarred roads, drainage system and street lights. The estate has stable power supply (24/7 electricity), good water supply and internet connection. In addition, the estate has an amazing recreation facility for your relaxation.

Royal Garden Estate is developed by a reputable real estate company known as Royal Homes Limited. Royal Homes Limited have been in existence for over 10 years and they have various estates within Lagos and Abuja.

Land in this estate sell for between 8m – 28m

Houses in this estate sell for between 25m – 90m

  1. Romina Gardens

Romina Gardens is an amazing estate built by a great man and developer of repute, Romina developers. It is in the heart of Festac town, Lagos State. It is one of the estates with good access road, constant electricity and water supply, modern facilities and most importantly it has 24 hours security with CCTV cameras for monitoring.

The estate is very secured with a perimeter fence that makes it difficult for intruders to gain entrance. It has magnificent streets and road network for easy movement of cars as well as people.

Romina Gardens boasts of a well-groomed lawn that makes it stand out from other estates in Festac. The street lights are lit at night to ensure safety at all times. It is an estate you will love to call home because it allows you the freedom to express yourself while living comfortably.

Most importantly, there are payment plans available to make it easier for people to acquire houses in the secure environment of Romina Gardens Estate, Festac Town, Lagos State. If you are looking for a serene environment to raise your children or build your dream home then this is the perfect place for you.

Land in this estate sell for between 10m – 35m

Houses in this estate go for between 55m – 150m

5) Calabar Estate.

Calabar Estate is an amazing estate built on the old site of Festac 77. It is made up of blocks of flats, bungalows and terraced houses which are available for sale.

The Estate has a swimming pool, gym, recreational center and a supermarket within the premises. It also boasts of 24hrs electricity supply, round the clock security with armed security personnel on motorcycles patrolling the estate, among other amazing amenities.

It is located in the heart of Festac Town, Lagos state Nigeria.

There are 3 bedroom flats and 4 bedroom bungalows available for sale in Calabar Estate.

Land price range from 18 – 50m

Houses in this estate sell from 30m – 80m

  1. Closa Estate.

Closa Estate is an amazing estate built to give its residents a place of serenity, tranquility and peace. It is located in a very strategic area in Festac Town so that it is easily accessible to its residents.

The estate has been built to meet international standards with the best quality materials used. The estate comes with modern facilities such as:

Swimming pool, Gym, 24hrs security and many more

Sizes available:

60×120, 50×100, 484sqm

Prices for plots of land ranges from N15m – N25m depending on size of plot of land

  1. Renaissance Garden.

Renaissance Garden is an amazing estate built on a large expanse of land at the end of 5th Avenue, FESTAC Town.

This estate is a product of the partnership between Renaissance Properties Limited and Churchill Mortgage Bank Plc.

The Renaissance Garden Estate has several key amenities and infrastructures in place to make life easy for residents.

These include the 24-hour security, dedicated transformer, well-paved roads, street lights, green areas with flowers and trees, underground drainage system, sewage system and Eco-friendly waste disposal system.

Other amenities include CCTV camera surveillance system, paved walkways and bicycle lanes, outdoor exercise equipment, park and recreational areas.

There are also shops within the gated community where residents can buy basic daily needs like food stuffs and provisions.

Renaissance Garden Estate has both terraces houses and detached duplexes. The terraces have 3 bedrooms while the detached duplexes have 4 bedrooms with additional rooms attached as servant quarters.

All homes come with en-suite bathrooms for each room in addition to a guest toilet. Each house type has private parking lots for residents’ cars.

Land here sell for 8m – 10m

houses here sell for 35m – 70m


I hope i have answered all your questions about FESTAC town, all the best things to do in festac town, Fun things to do in festac and the best places to live, buy land and houses there. please let me know in the comment if there is any information i left out and i will include it.

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