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surulere review, best places to live in surulere

Surulere is a very beautiful place with lots of attractions. It’s located in Lagos State, Nigeria. Different people have given different opinions on why they like or dislike Surulere, but whatever your reasons, there’s no doubt Surulere has a lot to offer. This article is filled with a lot of information concerning Surulere, and we’ll certainly dissect some vital information on Surulere. Just stay tuned.

To research Surulere, we visited most of the places written about in this article. We interacted with locals at most locations, including Adeniran Ogunsanya, Bode Thomas, etc. We also sourced reputable media and websites to further our information.

In this article, we will analyze the places you can comfortably live in Surulere; most places we will discuss include Bode Thomas, Ogunsanya, Itire, etc. We will discuss all the benefits of living in those places and cool hangout areas within Surulere where you can chill with family and friends.

Other topics you’ll come across in this article include the best hotels in Surulere, the best restaurants in Surulere, and some popular estates. Keep reading; there’s enough information on Surulere here.

Best areas in Surulere:

Surulere certainly has a lot of interesting areas for those who might want to relocate or visit; we’re going to discuss most of the best areas within Surulere briefly.

Adeniran Ogunsanya

This area is certainly one of the best areas within the Surulere community. Adeniran Ogunsanya is known for its peaceful and serene nature.

The buildings in these areas are well-maintained and cool, and their roads are equally wide enough to contain as many vehicles as possible. The standard of living in Adeniran Ogunsanya is certainly high, partly because the area is home to many families and professionals.

There are a lot of standard schools, banks, supermarkets, etc., within Adeniran Ogunsanya. It’s certainly one of the most convenient places to reside if you relocate to Surulere.

Bode Thomas

Bode Thomas is another cool area in Surulere. This area is in a central location, meaning you can easily access big towns like Victoria Island and Ikeja from here.

Nightlife and entertainment thrive in these areas because they’re home to popular bars and restaurants. I remember visiting Bode Thomas in 2021; it was party after party. If you love the nightlife, Bode Thomas is for you.


If you ever listened to Wizkid’s Ojuelegba single that went viral, you’ll know how iconic Ojuelegba is. Ojuelegba is a trendy area in Surulere, known for its multiple businesses and shops. Business thrives here, I must confess; it’s home to popular spots like the Ojuelegba Bridge and the Ojuelegba Roundabout. These spots are popular. There are a lot of positive vibes in Ojuelegba, and nightlife also thrives here.

Adeniji Adele:

Adeniji Adele is another popular neighborhood in Surulere; many popular restaurants and bars are found in this area, making nightlife a common phenomenon amongst residents and visitors. Their streets are also cool and well-maintained; you can easily access places like Ikeja and Victoria Island from here.


If you’re a family man or a professional, Itire is one of the best places you can live in Lagos. Itire is a very peaceful and quiet area; the atmosphere is cool for family members to train their children, and you can equally access excellent schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and banks.

Many other areas within Ojuelegba are cool to live in; there’s Onipanu, which is at the center of Ojuelegba; there’s also Ijesha; Jakande; and a whole lot of other areas you can live in. Now we will look at some cool hangouts in Surulere; keep scrolling.

Cool Hangouts in Surulere:

You found yourself in Surulere, or you’re planning to visit there and are curious about places you can visit for flexing. Don’t worry; I will list some cool places you can visit with your family and friends.

Freedom Park 

If you haven’t been to Freedom Park, you have missed a lot of fun. Freedom Park is a prevalent hangout terrain in Surulere; formerly used as a prison, the place was later transformed into its current cultural center.

At Freedom Park, you’ll be entertained by various activities and events. Some of these activities include festivals, concerts, etc. If you’re the foodie type, do not worry because, at Freedom Park, various food vendors deal with different cultural, continental, and international meals. You’ll never be short of enjoyment at Freedom Park.

Lagos City Mall

This is another popular spot within the Surulere axis. The Lagos City Mall is a modern-day shopping mall that offers different types of goods and services; a restaurant, a bowling alley, and a cinema.

If you don’t have money, you can window shop; it’s a great place to chill and relax with family, and you can enjoy events like art exhibitions, fashion shows, and live performances. The Lagos City Mall is certainly a great spot to relax.

The Palms Shopping Mall:

If you enjoy an ice skating rink, bowling alley, and cinema, visit the Palm Shopping Mall often. Here you’ll have access to various foods and drinks; it’s a great relaxation spot for leisure.

The National Stadium, Surulere: 

This is the first relaxation spot I visited in Surulere, probably because I am a sports enthusiast. If you’re a sports lover like me, you should visit too. The National Stadium Surulere is home to many sports teams and sporting activities.

Surulere Local Government Park:

The Surulere local government park is another spot to chill and relax. If you see yourself here, there’s a variety of recreational activities you can engage in; there’s a variety of recreational activities you can engage in; they include a swimming pool, playground, gym, etc.

These are just some cool hangout areas within Surulere; you can also visit other hangouts like the Surulere Recreational Club, the Surulere Police College, etc. We’ll now look at some of the best hotels and restaurants in Surulere.

Best hotels and restaurants in Surulere:

Lakeem Suites: 

Lakeem Suites is located in Agboyin, Surulere, Lagos State. It’s one of the best hotels in Surulere, a 10-minute drive from the Teslim Balogun stadium. It operates on a 24-hour basis, and a night in this hotel costs about $54.

Terra Kulture Restaurant

Terra Kulture is a popular arts center and restaurant located in Surulere, Lagos State. It serves both continental and intercontinental dishes, and some live bands also entertain guests with cultural performances and live music. It’s an interesting restaurant to chill and hang out at.

Dcove Hotel & Suites

Dcove Hotel and Suites is at the heart of Surulere, a 3-minute drive from Teslim Balogun Stadium. You can enjoy yourself to your taste in this hotel; an average night here costs $49

The Yellow Chilli Restaurant

The Yellow Chilli is a popular restaurant that’s located in Surulere. It’s well known for its variety of Indian cuisine; some special dishes the Yellow Chili offer include Biryani, curries, tandoori chicken, etc.

Kelin Hotel & Suite

Kelin Hotels and Suites is another hotel in Surulere where you can have fun. It’s 10 minutes drive from Igbobi College, and it’s certainly an interesting place to lodge if you’re seeking to explore Surulere. A night here costs at least $77.

Hotel elegante

Hotel do Elegante is located at the heart of Surulere, 12 minutes drive from Teslim Balogun Stadium. This hotel is up to every standard required of hotels. A night in this hotel costs about $115.

Suru Express Hotel Surulere

Suru Express Hotel is located in the heart of Surulere. It’s an 8-minute drive from Teslim Balogun Stadium. This hotel offers a wide range of services; a night here costs about $55.

Some of the hotels and restaurants you can get in Surulere include Rush by 0-degree hotel & apartments, Bvk Hotel, Benestar Suites, Twin Tower Hotel, etc. Now let’s take a moment and check out some popular estates in Surulere.

Some Popular Estates in Surulere: 

Liberty Park Estate: 

Liberty Park Estate is one of the finest estates in Surulere. The homes here are well maintained and secured; some amenities, like a swimming pool, gym, etc., can be found in this estate.

Aguda Housing Estate

The Aguda housing estate is owned and controlled by the government; the estate contains a mixture of bungalows and flats, and the Aguda housing estate is well maintained with a good security network.

Iponri Housing Estate:

Iponri Housing Estate is another owned and controlled by the government; it’s very close to the national stadium. Iponri has a mixture of flats and bungalows.

Masha Surulere: 

Marsha Surulere is a highly populated housing area in Surulere; you will always see a mixture of new and old houses in this area. It’s always busy and commercial, as many vibrant markets are located in Marsha Surulere.

Police College:

Police College is a residential area dominated by police officers and their families. The police college is well-maintained and serene; it’s a very peaceful place. I visited a friend there a couple of times.

Oluwole Estate: 

Oluwole Estate is largely secured by gate and security; most homes here are well maintained, and there’s access to modern amenities in this estate. It’s an important part of the Oluwole commercial district.


In this post, we talked about the best places to stay in Surulere, why these places stand out from other places and discussed some cool hangout areas where you can go and chill with your family and friends.

We emphasized the best hotels and restaurants in Surulere, and finally, we gave you a list of estates within Surulere. If you are looking to relocate or enjoy a vacation in Surulere, I think we’ve provided enough information for you to make informed decisions. That notwithstanding, Surulere is a great place to live.

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