The best places on Victoria Island

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best places on Victoria Island

 If you haven’t been to V.I., then you certainly need to visit after reading this post. Victoria Island is like a part of New York City located in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s one of the most exquisite places to stay in Nigeria. Most celebrities and industries can be found here; life is never dull on Victoria Island, as there’s a lot to explore.

We researched extensively on Victoria Island before coming up with this article. We studied the historical background of Victoria Island through so many media, and we equally researched reputable Lagos blogs and forums to get some authentic information.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the best estates on Victoria Island, and we’ll analyze what distinguishes these estates from others. We’ll equally discuss some of the best hotels on Victoria Island and some places you can visit and relax. Make sure you read to the end, as it’s going to be an information-packed article.

Best Estates on Victoria Island

There are a lot of estates on Victoria Island. We are going to look at some of the very best estates on Victoria Island.

1.1004 Estate

1004 Estate is a luxurious estate based on Victoria Island. The estate is popularly known for its unusual height. 1004 is an estate with lots of high-rise buildings. It’s strategically located at the heart of Victoria Island.

The name 1004 is related to the number of buildings within the estate; there are more than 1004 buildings within these estates, hence the name 1004 Estate.

The 1004 estate was originally built and owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria but was bought by a group of investors in 2007 Before 2007, the estate was not really meant for the general public. 

In 1979, when the estate was established, it was meant to accommodate senators and members of the House of Representatives; later on, senior federal civil servants became part of the plan before it was finally acquired by 1004 Estates Limited for N7 billion in 2007.

Some of the benefits of residing on the estate include

  1. a constant electricity supply. As the biggest estate in V.I., 1004 boosts an almost 24-hour power supply.
  2. Good drainage and sewage system: There’s a very excellent sewage system within the estate. This makes disposing of waste products easy, thereby enhancing the quality of life in the estate.
  3. There are four swimming pools within the estate, along with a tennis court, thus giving residents the opportunity to explore sporting activities.
  4. There are some top-quality schools within the estate, and children within the estate have access to quality education.
  5. Examples of top medical care providers are Federal Staff Hospital, Fuma Clinic, and Gio Dental Clinic. These health systems provide quality health care for residents.
  6. Security: The estate is gated, the level of security alertness here is very high, and you can hardly hear of any activities by criminal elements here.

2. Covenant Estate:

Covenant Estate is another top estate on Victoria Island. The estate is located in the Oniri part of town, where there are a lot of top benefits, like proximity to some major parts of Lagos.

Some benefits enjoyed by residents include

  1. Constant electricity: there’s a near-constant electricity supply in Covenant Estate; you can be sure of at least an 18-hour power supply.
  2. has a gated community. Movements to and fro the estate are under strict surveillance.
  3. There are a lot of top-quality schools here, and residents can choose from a variety of options.
  4. Proximity to other parts of Victoria Island
  5. Availability of a top-quality road network
  6. and good sewage system

Dideolu Estate

If you’re looking for a very quiet and serene estate, then Dideolu Estate is the right one for you. This estate is cool and quiet; you hardly see any disturbance here; it’s one of the best on Victoria Island. The homes are very well structured to ensure easy access.

Some of the benefits residents enjoy include

  1. Good security network: there’s a very good security network in this estate; strangers cannot get access to the estate unless the person they’re visiting identifies with them.
  2. Good Road Access: There’s a very good road network within the estate; you can seamlessly move within the estate in a matter of minutes.
  3. Good sewage and waste systems: there’s a very good sewage and waste system in the estate, which of course helps increase the standard of living here.
  4. Access to quality education: if you are looking for schools for your children, worry not; the estate has a lot of world-class schools that meet international standards.

Millenium Estate

Millennium Estate is a top-notch estate located in the Oniro area of Victoria Island. One of the unique characteristics of the Millennium Estate is its serenity and calmness. The fences and gates of the estate are very low; there’s no generator noise as a result of constant electricity.

Other benefits of residency here include

  1. Constant electricity supply: there’s an almost 24-hour power supply in the estate. There is absolutely no need for generators except for maintenance.
  2. The environment is always cool and neat; you hardly see any dirt littering around.
  3. There’s a good road network within the estate; you can navigate around easily.
  4. Adequate healthcare facilities for residents
  5. A nice playground for children

Oniru Estate

Oniru Estate is located within the Oniru Neighborhood; it’s a well-gated community that’s attractive and neat. It’s one of the best estates on Victoria Island, with unique features. The palace of the King of Oniru is located inside the estate.

Some of the benefits residents of the estate receive include

  • The roads within the estate are very neat and interlocked. 
  • Availability of drainage channels on both sides of the road
  • There are green areas in front of most apartments within the estate. The green areas make the environment outstanding because of nature.
  • There’s constant electricity within the estate.
  • There’s a strong security presence within the estate; the community is gated, and movement by non-residential persons is restricted

The Best Hotels in Victoria Island

There are a lot of very good hotels in Victoria Island, Lagos. In fact, some of the very best hotels in the country can be found on Victoria Island. We’re going to look at some of them.

1. Lagos Oriental Hotel

Lagos Oriental Hotel is a 5-star hotel that’s in-between Victoria Island and Lekki.

There are a lot of luxurious rooms in this hotel, for example.

  1. The classic room
  2. The classic Superior Room
  3. The classic Deluxe Room
  4. Junior Suites
  5. Presidential Suite
  6. Executive Junior Suites
  7. Business Suite
  8. Diplomatic Suite
  9. Ambassador Suites

The rooms of these luxurious hotels allow you to have a cool view of the Lagos Lagoon. On average, a night here costs as much as N100,000.

Interesting places close to the Lagos Oriental Hotel include

  1. Nike Art Gallery (12 minutes drive)
  2. GET Arena (14-minute drive)
  3. Elegushi Royal Beach (17 minutes drive)
  4. The Palms Mall (20 minutes drive)
  5. The Lekki Conservation Center (25  drive)

EKO Hotel & Suites

Eko Hotel and Suites is a 5-star hotel located at 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. The natural and aesthetic designs of the hotel are simply world-class.

The hotel has an outstanding 824 unique rooms across its four subdivision hotels, namely

  1. Eko Gardens
  2. Eko Suites
  3. Eko Hotels
  4. Eko signature

The hotel offers a wide range of world-class services, which include an up-to-date gym for fitness lovers, a fully equipped bar and lounge, an intercontinental restaurant, etc. The security supervision within the hotel is world-class. On average, spending the night here can cost as much as N70,000.

Some Places of Interest Near the Eko Hotel

  1.  Eko Atlantic City (7 Minuten Drive)
  2. Silverbird Cinemas (8 minutes away)
  3. Bar Beach (10 minutes drive)

3. Morning Side Suites and Spa

This is a 90-room standard 4-star boutique hotel that’s located in Victoria Island, Lagos. The facilities of this hotel are top-notch, and their services are great too.

Morningside Suites has 38 excellent guest rooms; they’re equipped with modern hotel amenities like air conditioners, televisions, writing desks, refrigerators, en-suite bathrooms, etc. On average, a night here can cost $33,000.

The hotel provides free WiFi for its customers; you’ll also have access to some classic meals in the hotel’s restaurant.

If you’re a guest with a passion for fitness, don’t worry, as there’s an up-to-standard gym where you can engage in workouts.

Some fascinating places close to the hotel include

  1. Freedom Park Lagos (7 minutes drive)
  2. National Art Theater (10 Minuten Fahrt)
  3. National Museum Lagos (6 minutes drive)
  4. Lekki Market (5 minutes drive)
  5. Megaplaza Century 21 Mall (4  drive)
  6. Red Door Gallery (4 minutes drive)

4.H210 Hotel 

This is another top-class hotel that can be found on Victoria Island, Lagos. Its location is 210 Muri Okunola Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

The rooms of this hotel are very spacious, and basic hotel amenities like cable-connected TV sets, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. can be found here.

Guests here have access to free WiFi, intercontinental dishes, etc. On average, a room per night here costs about N40,000.

Interesting Places Near H210 Hotel include

  1. Central Mosque of Lagos (7 minutes drive)
  2. Freedom Park Lagos (5 Minutes Drive)
  3. The Cathedral Church of Christ (7 minutes drive)
  4. The Musical Society of Nigeria (5 Minutes Drive)
  5. Red Door Gallery ( 4 Minutes Drive)

Some places to relax on Victoria Island

If you live on Victoria Island, you’ll agree with me that there are a lot of places you can visit to chill and relax. I am going to discuss some of the places.

1. Mr. Chang Restaurant

If you love eating Chinese food or want to try one out, then you should visit Mr. Chang Restaurant. You can enjoy your Chinese meals or snacks here at an affordable price.

2. The Tarkwa Bay 

Tarkwa Bay is located close to the Lagos harbor; the artificially sheltered beach can only be reached by water taxi or boat. If you’re a water sports lover or swimmer, Victoria Island is one place where you can have lots of fun with family and friends.

3. The Palms

The Palms is a thrilling place to be. There are a lot of entertainment experiences in the Palms, and there are a lot of goods you can buy at affordable prices. Don’t want to buy it? Don’t worry, you can do some window shopping here as there are a lot of places to explore. If you are looking for a place to visit in VI, visit the Palms.


In this post, we discussed some of the best estates on Victoria Island. We also talked about some of the best hotels on Victoria Island and what makes them unique. Finally, we gave you information on some places where you can relax in V.I. I believe that with this article, you can plan yourself better when visiting Victoria Island.

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