Ikorodu Review. The best places in Ikorodu

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ikorodu review, best places to live in ikorodu

Ikorodu is one of the most popular places to live, but many people seem interested in this area. Some say it’s because Ikorodu is on the edge of Lagos, while others say it’s because the area is unsafe and not well-developed, which has caused a lot of debate about whether or not it’s a good place to live.

We visited some areas to gather accurate information about the standard of living in Ikorodu; most of the locations visited were Aga, Ebute Ikorodu, etc. We talked to locals while researching Ikorodu’s cost of living, safety, and general standard of living. We investigated various forums and websites with reliable information on Ikorodu in the places we could not visit.

This article will discuss some of Ikorodu’s best locations and analyze our findings in depth. It will also explain why these locations are regarded as the best in Ikorodu. We’ll discuss the advantages of living in Ikorodu and some of the best estates there. Stay tuned and keep reading if you’re interested in visiting or relocating to Ikorodu; we’ll give you all the information you need.

Best Places To Live In Ikorodu

1. Aga

Aga is one of the best places to live in Ikorodu; it has a good road network and security. Aga is popularly known for its market.

The Aga market is one of the most popular markets in Lagos State, making Aga an economic attraction in Ikorodu. For those looking for where to get locally made goods, the Aga Market is your best shot; here, you get traditional crafts and textiles.

Another advantage of staying in Aga is that you’ll pay far less for houses than in most areas of Lagos. Aga is a sure bet if you’re looking for a place in Lagos to relocate to with a low cost of living.

2. Igbogbo:

Igbogbo is another beautiful place in Ikorodu where you can live. It’s a coastal area with lots of waterfront views and beaches.

I remember going here two years ago for a picnic with some friends. To be honest, it was fun.

Igbogbo has a good road network that connects popular towns in Lagos since it’s located in a coastal area.

The water transportation system is equally cheap and feasible. Igbogbo has some popular tourist attractions for those wanting to go sightseeing; some of these attractions include the

  • The museum, where some historic Yoruba artifacts are kept, including some colonial properties,
  • The Igbogbo Library: Here, you can get and read various books.
  • There are also several beach resorts where you can participate in recreational activities such as picnicking, boating, swimming, etc.

Igbogbo is a perfect place to live and an excellent tourist location if you want to have fun. Accommodations and the cost of living are also relatively cheap here.

2. Imota

Imota is exceptionally well-known in Ikorodu for a variety of reasons. Residents of Imota are primarily known for their agricultural work. Several residents of Imota engage in various agricultural pursuits, and commercial quantities of yam, cassava, cocoyam, etc., are harvested here.

Agriculture aside, Imota is also renowned for its rich cultural and historical background. Many festivals to celebrate the cultural background are held in Imota from time to time.

Some festivals include the Egungun festival, celebrated in honor of the ancestors; there’s also the annual Imota Day, which is memorable for various cultural displays and fun.

Imota’s residents are highly educated and enlightened, and the town’s road network connects it to other parts of Lagos. Imota is genuinely blessed; it is a place where one can relocate without difficulty.

3. Gberigbe

Gberigbe is a densely populated town in Ikorodu with about 90,000 people. Gberigbe is known for its proximity to the Lagos Lagoon.

There are a lot of commercial and residential buildings in Gberigbe; there are a lot of markets, schools, churches, and mosques in Gberigbe, and the cost of living is relatively cheap here too.

 The town has one of the best road networks in Ikorodu, though traffic can sometimes be a problem. Overall, Gberigbe is an excellent place that’s relatively cheaper to live in than other locations. 

4. Ipakodo

Ipakodo is very popular in Ikorodu; its coastal views make it a good vacation ground for beach lovers.

The cost of living in Ipakodo is not very high compared to most other places. Ipakodo has good road networks, and water transportation is also excellent in the area as water bodies surround it.

Ipakodo is one of the best places to live or visit if you plan to relocate or visit Ikorodu for vacation.

5. Ebute Ikorodu

Ebute Ikorodu is one of the most populous neighborhoods in Ikorodu. Ebute Ikorodu has a population of around 500,000 people.

Ebute Ikorodu has a well-developed road system; it’s only 16 minute drive from the main Ikorodu town; many commercial activities occur here daily; there’s also a good waterway network to ferry around the other side of Lagos Island within 30 minutes.

Now that we’ve shown you the best places in Ikorodu let’s briefly look at some of the best estates in Ikorodu.

Best Estates To Live In Ikorodu

1. Freedom Estate Ikorodu

Freedom Estate is one of the best and most well-known estates in the Ikorodu Axis. It is a residential neighborhood in the Ikorodu neighborhood of Lagos, Nigeria.

Freedom Estate is known for its quietness and calmness. Security within the Freedom Estate is top-notch; gated communities guide the estate. There’s a wide range of well-maintained infrastructure, recreational facilities, and a good road network.

People also love this estate because of its proximity to supermarkets, hospitals, schools, etc. If you are looking to rent or buy a property, Freedom Estate is an excellent place. It costs about N600,000 to rent a two-bedroom apartment here.

2. Valley View Estate 

Valley View Estate is another popular estate located in Ikorodu. The estate has a lot of gated communities; Valley View is a serene and peaceful environment; it is known for its excellent road networks, fantastic draining systems, recreational facilities, and well-maintained infrastructures.

In all seriousness, the level of security in Valley View Estate is exceptional; security personnel is always on duty around the clock to protect lives and property. The Valley View Estate is near supermarkets, hospitals, and several schools. If you’re looking to buy or rent a home, I believe you’ve come to the right place.

In this region, a parcel of land can cost up to 40 million Nigerian nairas. A two-bedroom apartment can cost up to 800,000 nairas. Valley View Estate is one of Ikorodu’s finest estates.

3. Greenleaf Estate

Greenleaf Estate is another popular estate located in the suburb of Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria Greenleaf is known for its peaceful environment; the place is equally serene and calm for those who don’t like distractions.

There’s maximum security here, with well-gated communities and an excellent road network connecting you to other parts of Ikorodu. Greenleaf may be an option if you want to rent or buy a property.

Though houses and land tend to be expensive here, I feel it’s worth it, as you enjoy many benefits and security.

4. Fashola Estate 

Fashiola Estate is a well-gated residential estate located in Ikorodu. It was named after former Lagos State Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola. Many families and professionals live in this estate; it has a good road network and a great security apparatus.

The infrastructure within the estate are well maintained and in top-notch condition. Houses here are typically cheaper compared to most places in Lagos. You can get a two-bedroom apartment for as little as 350,000 nairas. If you are looking for a place that’s both secure and cheap to live in, I’ll recommend Fashiola Estate.

5. Sapphire estate 

Sapphire Estate is another estate in Ikorodu that is developing rapidly, securely, and with world-class roads. The houses and land are pretty modern and reasonably priced, and the Saphire Estate is in a serene setting. If you’re looking to relocate or purchase a home in Ikorodu, Sapphire Estate is an excellent choice.

Benefits of living in Ikorodu

Ikorodu has been underrated by many for years. Maybe because it is located on the outskirts of Lagos or because people feel it’s not well developed, people don’t want to venture into this area of Lagos.

The truth is, Ikorodu has developed in many aspects over the years, and there are obvious benefits to living in Ikorodu. Some of them include

1. Cheap Housing

Accommodation in Ikorodu is one of the cheapest in the state. If you are on a tight budget, Ikorodu is the best bet for you. You could get a property for less than 20% of the cost of the same property in other regions of the state. That’s a sweet deal for someone trying to get on their feet.

2. Inexpensive Market:

Goods and services tend to be expensive in Lagos; products that you get for exorbitant prices in other parts of the state, especially foodstuffs, will be very cheap.

3. Easy To Move Around Lagos

While people groan about finding it tough to visit or live in Ikorodu, I still think that Ikorodu is the best transportation area, especially if you are ok with water transport. With water transport, you can get anywhere in Lagos. Within 15 minutes, you are on the island or even in Apapa.


In the course of this post, we discussed the best places to live in Ikorodu, along with the reasons why you should consider them; we also discussed some of the best estates in Ikorodu, along with the reasons why they stand out; and finally, we provided some advantages of living in Ikorodu. Ikorodu is a charming place to live, despite its location on the outskirts of Lagos. However, Ikorodu’s development has become impossible to ignore over the years. I highly recommend Ikorodu if you wish to relocate to Lagos at a lower cost.

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